Carnegie Politika Podcast

Podcast: Navalny's Legacy for the Russian Opposition

Episode Summary

Carnegie Politika podcast host Alex Gabuev is joined by David Herszenhorn, an editor at The Washington Post and author of the biography "The Dissident: Alexey Navalny," to discuss the death of Navalny and its consequences for the Russian opposition and society.

Episode Notes

The sudden death of the jailed Russian opposition leader was a shock, though it was not unexpected. For the last decade, Navalny had been the most vocal critic and opponent of Putin's regime, while his Anti-Corruption Foundation had supporters in almost all Russian regions and cities. Only Navalny was able to consolidate people across Russia in waves of protests against corruption and the authoritarian regime. What impact has Navalny's death had on Russian society and the opposition movement? What is Navalny's legacy? Is there any other person inside or outside Russia who can lead the opposition to Putin's regime now?